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Who We Are and Why We Need Your Help

My name is Will Dove. Along with my wife and family we are the founders and organizers of the End Calgary Lockdown petition. Like you, we object to the current mandatory mask bylaw and restrictions on Calgary businesses. We created this petition to give Calgarians like us a voice with the goal of ending all lockdown measures sooner rather than later.

We got this movement off the ground with $2,000 out of our own pockets, but we're an ordinary working couple with limited means. We rely on donations to fund our ongoing promotion efforts for this petition. While we're off to a very good start, we'll need many thousands of signatures before city hall and the media will respond.

Please consider donating. Your entire donation will go toward raising awareness for this petition.

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EndCalgaryLockdown Lawn Sign

end calgary lockdown anti-lockdown anti-mask petition lawn sign

Signs are weatherproof, 16″ x 24″, and include a stand. Includes next business day delivery anywhere in Calgary city limits.

Available at our cost of $26.00. Includes courier fees.

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