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Think the lockdown measures are saving lives? Nothing could be further from the truth. Far more life is being lost to the lockdown measures.

Years of life lost to lockdown in Alberta

1 year of life lost every 4.5 minutes

1,820 signatures since launch on August 29 and growing daily.

It only takes 1 minute to let your voice be heard

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End the Lockdown Measures
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Why We Protest the lockdown measures

1. The lockdowns were instituted to 'flatten the curve' and prevent our health care system from being overwhelmed. With only 300 deaths Alberta wide this year it is clear at this point there is no danger of this happening.

2. Years of life lost to the lockdown measures exceed years of life lost to the virus. Every day of delay costs more Calgary lives and creates greater hardships.

3. There is no evidence that lockdown measures, including closing businesses, social distancing, or masks are effective in stopping a virus. In fact, many experts have spoken out against these measures as being unnecessary and/or ineffectual.

4. The damage to the Calgary economy, Calgary business community, and working Calgarians is unsustainable. Businesses have already closed down. Tens of thousands are out of work. Many will lose their homes and businesses. In light of the previous points, these measures are not only ineffective but causing far more harm than good.

In addition, we are opposed to the mandatory mask laws for the following reasons:

A. There is a great deal of expert testimony that masks are completely ineffectual at stopping the spread of a virus.

B. We believe these laws to be a violation of our rights and freedoms. The decision to wear a mask should be a personal one, especially in light of point #3 above.

C. We oppose the decision to make masks mandatory for Calgary students, first, on the grounds that they are ineffectual, and second, on the grounds that not a single school-age child in Alberta has died from COVID-19. Clearly our children are in no danger, and masks will be disruptive in the classroom. The argument that children are wearing masks to protect the teachers is hollow. Teachers are 30 times more likely to die driving to work.


EndCalgaryLockdown promotes peaceful objection to the mandatory mask bylaw and restrictions on Calgary businesses. Under no circumstances do we condone violence or abuse towards those who believe differently than we do. 

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There's a reason politicians give out lawn signs. The more often people see a message, the more likely they are to agree with it. Placing a sign on your lawn adds a visible statement that many Calgarians are opposed to the mandatory mask bylaw and business restrictions resulting from the lockdown measures. We also verify that we see an increase in signatures in areas that are displaying signs.

Breaking COVID News

unicef predicts an additional 10,000 child deaths per month globally from lockdown measures
The lockdown measures are preventing the movement of much-needed food and aid to children in poor areas of the world. Unicef predicts an additional 6.7 million children under the age of 5 will suffer wasting disease from malnutrition.

Unicef predicts an additional 10,000 child deaths per month from lockdown measures

NEW YORK, 27 JULY 2020 – An additional 6.7 million children under the age of five could suffer from wasting – and therefore become dangerously undernourished – in 2020 as a result of the socio-economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, UNICEF warned today.

The Lancet analysis finds that the prevalence of wasting among children under the age of five could increase by 14.3 percent in low- and middle-income countries this year, due to the socio-economic impacts of COVID-19. Such an increase in child malnutrition would translate into over 10,000 additional child deaths per month with over 50 percent of these deaths in sub-Saharan Africa.

The estimated increase in child wasting is only the tip of the iceberg...

Covid Statistics the Media Aren't Telling You

(with links to sources)

Alberta Covid Statistics

Updated Live!
October 25, 2020 12:52 pm

Total Covid-19 Deaths in Calgary
Average Age of Victims in Alberta
Average Albertan Life Expectancy
Total Covid-19 Deaths in Alberta
Total Deaths in Alberta Under 60
Total Deaths in Alberta Under 25

Source: Gov. of Alberta

Risk from Traffic Incidents vs. COVID

Traffic Fatalaties in Alberta to Date under 65:

Traffic Injuries in Alberta to Date under 65:

Under 65? You are 20 times more likely to die in a traffic accident than you are to die from COVID, and 50 times more likely to be injured than you are to enter intensive care for COVID.

Based on 2018 stats - most recent available ; Source: Gov. of Canada

Additional Deficit

Additional Alberta deficit resulting from lockdown measures and government COVID expenses:

$16.8 billion
Cost to each working Albertan: (this will come from your taxes):

Source: CTV News


Current Calgary unemployment rate (compare to 8.6% in pre-lockdown February):


Additional Albertans out of work due to lockdown measures, as of August 2020:



Source: Gov. of Alberta

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The Facts About COVID-19

More coming (almost) daily

Lockdown Measures Are Costing Far More in Life Lost than the Virus

Scott W. Atlas, M.D. Senior Fellow at Stanford University

Dr. Atlas and his associates have conducted extensive research on the cost of the virus vs the cost of lockdown measures and discovered that lockdowns are costing 700,000 years of lost life per month. This means that to date, after 4.5 months of global lockdowns, these measures have cost over 3 million life years, compared to 1 million life-years for the virus. It is also vital to note that the life-years lost to the virus are based upon total deaths and therefore include many people who would have died this year from other causes anyway. To say that lockdown measures have cost 3 times what the virus has in terms of human life is therefore extremely conservative. The actual number may be more in the range of 20 times.

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